We are ready to meet any requirement from all over the world

Micci S.r.l. is a leading firm thanks to its highly qualified personnel and to vanguard machinery: CNC milling machines can perform any design with extreme precision; laser copy system can reproduce or repair any work even executed in the past.

But still today it is skilled handicraft-working that make our products more precious.

Processing is performed in a modern manufacturing plant with vanguard equipment and technologies.

Relying on our fifty-year-old experience, we can meet the most demanding requirement, in particular in the building field:

Covering natural stones


facade lining, with both traditional and ventilated wall systems, door and window lining in any style and size, slabs for fencing walls, door and windows sills, mouldings and so on.

Natural stone flooring

Urban and Residential Furniture

Pavement and quare paving, edges, curbs, fountains, planters, beanches, columns, capitals, balustrades, fireplaces, garden tables and so on.

Natural stone work

Custom design productions

Tailor-made works in Peperino and other natural stones. Manufacturing of one-off customized pieces for every need.

natural stone gravestones

Funerary architecture

The construction of stone gravestones has great architectural value. Natural stone funerary gravestones become sculptures of great artistic importance for human burials.

Stone working

Raw and semi-finished slabs

stone processing

Processing of all stones

We also work travertine, marble, granite and every type of stones

We are ready to meet any requirement from all over the world

Our target is in continuous expansion and has achieved all the italian country, at present.

With regard to the international market, we are mainly supplying products to Spain, Germany, France and Arab countries.

According to our company policy, we are ready to meet any requirement from all the world.

Natural stone processing
natural stone treatment
natural stone treatment

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Natural Stones Forever

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