Peperino Grigio Natural Stone
Natural Stones
In our territory Peperino is the stone par excellence.

Natural Stones

Peperino, a very rare stone, is quarried from sites of volcanic origin situated in north Latium, Italy.


We quarry Grey Peperino, Rose Peperino, a very rare stone, and Lavic Trachyte. The latter is quarried froom deepest layers of peperino. It is resistant to frost, wear and tear and stands up from an aesthetical and a mechanical point of view.

Stone finishing

The different ways of cutting and treatment of the stone enhance employment opportunities and the versatility of the material, making it suitable for any project.

History itself vouches for this stone

…used since Palaeolithic Age, then by Etruscans (sarcophagi) and the Romans (public building), up to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when it became the predominant construction and building material.


We can meet the most demanding requirements, in particular in the building field. We are also concerned with urband and residential design.